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Unmatched Dealer Support from K&B

As an authorized Kaeser & Blair business owner, I am constantly impressed with the assistance and perks they give to me even though I only work part-time. I feel like the treatment I receive is the same as those who are considered the best of the best!

My full-time job is as a stay at home mom, so my day is already full. I have just enough time to handle my daily responsibilities and continue to work as a part-time dealer, so the help I receive from Dealer Support is both needed and appreciated. Without their assistance, I would not be able to continue with the success I have experienced.

Recently, I approached a friend who works with a company that has a large budget to purchase quarterly gifts for their board members. I proposed a UV phone sanitizer with a wireless charger, a product that is not inexpensive but definitely worth the cost. It can sanitize almost anything: keys, jewelry, eyeglasses, even a baby’s binky!

When I went to do more research on the product after she expressed interest, I discovered a problem: the product had “Coming Soon” on the website with no indication of how to move forward to pre-order or even when it would be available to purchase.

Since my friend was really interested in this particular product, I reached out to Kaeser & Blair Support to ask for help. They contacted the vendor and found the exact date they were to get their first shipment, and then convinced that specific vendor to allow me to pre-order the needed 50 Sanitizers!

In less than 24 hours, with KB Dealer Support assistance, I made the sale. My client is reaping the benefits of the close relationships that Kaeser & Blair keeps with their vendors. I am so thankful for the quick action of Kaeser & Blair Dealer Support.

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