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From modest origins sprouts greatness, and ImprintID stands testament to this. Fueled by determination to make waves in the promotional products industry, ImprintID embarked on a journey that would redefine branding. Starting with a focus on Lanyards and ID Products, ImprintID has steadily evolved, embracing a diverse spectrum of offerings including Tech Accessories, Drinkware, Apparel, Headwear, Office Supplies, Bags, and more. Since 2008, ImprintID has held the reins as a leading supplier, with numerous five-star ratings showing their unwavering dedication.

At ImprintID, everyone has one singular goal in mind: to simplify the purchasing of promotional products for distributors and their clients. Their legacy is built upon premium quality wares, swift turnarounds, and unparalleled customer service. Offering a palette of decorating techniques – die cut, screen print, Color/Full-Bleed Sublimation, and beyond – ImprintID ensures that each product is a canvas for brand storytelling. Whether it’s apparel, bags, or any bespoke item, ImprintID transforms visions into reality, crafting unique impressions every time. Let’s dive deeper into their offerings.

Product Categories

  • Lanyards & ID Products
  • Wearable
  • Drinkware
  • Bags & Backpack
  • Blankets/Pillow/Towels
  • Pens & Desk Items
  • Hygiene & Health
  • Tech Products
  • Made in USA
  • Everyday Promo
  • Rayom Sublimation A-Z
  • ECO-trendz
  • Camo Apparel
  • Sports & Outdoors

Lead Time

Our standard USA production time is 5-7 Business Days for most products and 7-8 Business Days for Overseas Production. We also offer Rush Production and Rush Shipping Options for all of our products. (use UPS/FedEx shipping charts)

Artwork Requirements

Please provide a detailed layout. If size and/or position are not specified ImprintID will use its discretion and send a paper proof. For layered artwork, please provide the art files separately.

Straight Line Copy:
Up to 4 lines will be typeset at no charge. Excess or curved copy may require art charge. Customer is responsible for proofreading.

Copy Size:
Varies depending on product. We will use our discretion for best imprint. Larger text may be required on products based on size of product. If new artwork or product needs to be changed to print better, we will contact you and provide guidance to ensure logo and text prints as clear as possible.

Paper Proof Available on Request:
Free Paper Proofs. Charges will apply if changes are made to artwork after it has been sent to production.

Digital Artwork Files:
We accept multicolor art sent in a vector format, saved as .eps, .pdf or .ai file. All fonts must be converted to outlines. Art must be created at a minimum of 600dpi saved as .tiff or .eps format. All placed images must be embedded. PDF or hard copy of the file must accompany the order so we can visually confirm that it matches the art file.

Acceptable Programs & Requirements:

  • ILLUSTRATOR: “create outlines” on all fonts. (.ai, .pdf, and .eps are acceptable file formats.)
  • PHOTOSHOP: Art must be created at a minimum of 600dpi. Scanned halftones and multicolor art is not acceptable. .tiff and .eps are acceptable file formats.
  • Corel Draw: Change all fonts to curves. Art must be exported as an .ai or .pdf file.
  • .ai, .pdf, and .eps are the acceptable file formats. All placed images must be created at a minimum of 600dpi. Placed images in color are unacceptable. The preferred format is Adobe Illustrator pdf. We do not accept page layout programs such as MS Word. File formats such as .doc, .pub, .vcf and .dat are unacceptable.


In the world of branded merchandise, ImprintID shines as a beacon of excellence. As an industry leader since its establishment in 2009, ImprintID has continuously expanded its repertoire, encompassing a comprehensive range of offerings from ID products and Office Supplies to Drinkware, PPE Items, Bags, and beyond. With an unwavering commitment to quality, speed, and responsive customer service, ImprintID has earned the trust of over twenty thousand distributors, emerging as a reliable and dynamic partner in the realm of Custom Promotional Products. ImprintID isn’t just a supplier; it’s a trailblazer that transforms concepts into tangible brand statements.

Kaeser & Blair is proud to partner with ImprintID as one of our trusted suppliers and we eagerly anticipate our ongoing partnership to deliver unparalleled promotional products. If you are interested in learning more about our suppliers and want to stay on top of the promotional product industry, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.